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Resources Aimed at Reducing Claim Durations

UR Partner is introducing a new approach to claims. Born in the cloud, our clients are using technology in a novel way to secure better outcomes.

It is well known that increased costs are linked to prolonged durations. Introducing the right solution, early in the case, makes all the difference.

Strained Resources

UR Partner is leveraging technology to provide employers, carriers, and law firms with the resources necessary to manage through this unprecedented time. Many reputable news sources reported that 33 million Americans quit their jobs since spring of 2021. As a result, there is a tremendous need for claim professionals. Those still in their positions are becoming strained as they work to comply with statutes while defending and mitigating claims. This is frustrating employers that may be experiencing increased claim durations as a result. Our suite of innovative products is being used in new ways to solve these novel challenges.

Effective Solutions

We are leveraging technology in a way to root out extraneous, useless information and provide the industry with relevant documents for review and consideration. Our clinical experts analyze the claim documentation to provide objective, evidence-based causation, and resolution recommendations for treatment and billing. These efficacious solutions are allowing examiners and attorneys to spend their valuable time on impacting the claim outcome.

UR Partner is more than just cost containment, but instead, we become a trusted partner to our clients. We anchor outcomes with objective evidence secured through an effective use of technology and expertise.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more on how UR Partner is changing the path to claims resolution.


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