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Reducing Litigation Costs on the Front End

UR Partner analyzes and values liability cases for an early resolution, without the need for an attorney. When an attorney is required, we reduce legal costs by making the process more efficient for all stakeholders.

Reduce the Number of Claims Goin

g to Defense Attorneys

UR Partner provides the industry with accurate liability case valuations allowing the examiner to proceed with fruitful negotiations and case resolution. There is a time and place for everything, including relying on the expertise of a seasoned defense attorney. However, before referring a case to an attorney, ask yourself, do other resources exist that will secure an optimal outcome sooner? UR Partner is this resource. We deploy expert resources in valuing the cost of care provided, whether that be through a physician peer review and/or medical bill review. While our physicians will evaluate rendered and proposed treatment to ensure medical necessity our bill review analysts will reprice inflated charges to usual, customary and reasonable based on the service location. This allows our team to supply the examiner with a case valuation to be utilized directly for effective negotiations and timely case resolution.

Reduce Billable Hours by Making the Attorney’s Job Easier

UR Partner leverages the latest technology to eliminate unnecessary documents and duplicates. Our detailed chaptered chronology of the records contents provides ease-of-use for the reviewer. In the electronic age of paperless claims, it is difficult and sometimes impossible for the user to delete unnecessary records. The intent is honorable, to preserve the files integrity, but the result is a file with hundreds of extraneous documents. Our team is helping employers, carriers, and law firms in eliminating irrelevant, immaterial records allowing the reviewer to quickly get to what is important. The outcome is a reduction in legal costs while getting to a resolution quicker.

Born in the cloud, UR Partner marries technology and expertise to deliver an offering like no other in our Industry. We invite you to contact us today to learn more on how UR Partner will positively impact your program and overall cost of risk.


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