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Liability Settlements Rooted in Science

UR Partner provides employers and carriers with the expert resources needed to resolve liability claims objectively, based in science and not on what is generally accepted.

Today, carriers typically receive a demand package from the plaintiff’s attorney when medical care is concluded. These demands are usually bundled together with information unrelated to the claim. Sifting through thousands of pages to parse out extraneous information is time consuming for the examiner and defense attorney.

UR Partner applies technology and expertise to quickly hone in on what is germane to the case, eliminating duplicates and other extraneous documents, saving the examiner time and the insured money.

We can leverage tools customarily applied on workers compensation cases to secure better outcomes when resolving liability claims. Our peer reviewers inspect the demand package to quickly discern what care is unrelated to the claim. Further, identifying treatment that was unreasonable and unnecessary. Finally, if the itemized charges for treatment were inflated, a cost estimate is recommended based on medical evidence, ODG guidelines and standardized pricing. As an industry, we have utilized these tools to contain costs and provide necessary care on workers’ compensation claims for decades. Already understanding the mechanics of these instruments makes implementation and use effortless for the examiner.

Our comprehensive peer review report supplies the examiner with an objective and equitable case value for medical care. It contains powerful information that allows the examiner to negotiate a fair resolution. Not one grounded in what might be accepted, but rather what is payable to the plaintiff based on objective evidence from one of our qualified physicians.

Are you ready to enact a low touch solution for your claim’s team aimed at securing better outcomes for your liability program? Contact us today to learn more about how UR Partner is helping carriers and employers resolve liability claims objectively and timely.

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