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Casualty Solutions, Born in the Cloud


The Pandemic has resulted in many of us re-examining how we secure information needed to get our jobs done. Detail is the life blood of the casualty industry. When this flow is abruptly cut off, the ability to make timely and effective decisions regarding benefit provision is drastically impeded. This can have a profound impact on the duration of claims, litigation rates and cost of risk for employers and carriers.

UR Partner was formed during the pandemic and born in the cloud. Our focus, leverage technology in building flexible systems that amalgamate all stakeholders in creating an environment of collaboration and compliance.

As a URAC accredited provider of medical cost containment services, we are very excited on how our approach will benefit the industry in making well informed decisions, regardless of outside restrictions.

People, Process and Technology

Our CEO, David Murray, was quoted as saying, “The solution for today and the future is the unmatched combination of people, processes and technology.” This is the vision forward for UR Partner. This is what drove us in constructing a process that is unfettered by office closures and relocation of resources. The mismanagement of data negatively impacts the delivery of healthcare. We painstakingly analyzed the flow of information and how each of these critical components plays a role in moving a claim towards resolution.

The Future of Peer Review

This last year put a spotlight on how our industry practices became antiquated. We were quickly required to move to a mostly virtual environment. This was not easy and exacerbated by outdated processes requiring the multi-directional flow of information. Given we are all in a novel predicament, the uncertainty of the coming years demands an unequivocal solution.

UR Partner is forging a path forward, improving the peer review process with automation and partner collaboration creating rapid and secure reviews. Our nationwide panel of accredited reviewers covers an extensive list of specialties in supporting real-time access to clinical resources, scientific based guidelines, and regulatory information.

Values that Matter

It was the immediate need of our industry that motivated us to act, providing a customer-centric approach to medical cost containment services. We hold ourselves to a high standard, consistently measuring performance and making improvements. When designing effective solutions, we start with ensuring the highest level of security and compliance. Lastly, we know our values result in the highest quality results for UR Partner clients.


Born in the cloud, our model leverages technology to provide solutions equipped to operate from the office or home. We are helping our clients ease into the hybrid working model and towards the new normal.

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